International Day of DanceWe take this opportunity to recognize and thank all Dance Partners—contributors to the vibrancy of Dance at Illinois. Your gifts are reflected in all of our performances, and we are profoundly grateful for your support.

Listed below are donors from July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017.


Abbott Fund

Melissa Adams


Fran and Marc Ansel

Art in Motion Dance Studio, Inc.

Paul and Christine Bauer

Mary and W.B. Bobosky

Michelle Boulé

Tamara Bouseman

Collin Brouillette and Meagan Stephens

David Brouillette

Jacquelyn Carducci

Donna Carnow

Robert and Lynda Cavanagh

Dr. Edwin Chim and Peili Lo

Amy Clem

John and Tina Cowsert

Dr. Winifred Daisley and Donald Daisley

Dance Undergraduate Class of 2017

Paul and Peggy Drane

Richard Erickson

Jan Erkert and Bernt Lewy

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Rebecca Nettl-Fiol and Stephen Fiol

Debra Gillingham and Dr. Bruce Gillingham

Rachel Gorgol

Timothy Hutchison and Michael Lambert

Image Factor, Inc.

Dr. Ahmad Issa and Dr. Dulce Issa

Michael and Deborah Kellogg

Frank and Patricia Knowles

Janice Kovar

Peter and Linda Krivkovich

Linda Lehovec and Brian Behrns

Virgie and Andrea Lewis

Ella and Mark Magruder

David and Peggy Mainer

Regina McClellan

Jane and Norman Milsap

Dirk Mol and Jerry Wray

David and Nancy Morse

Eric Nagle

National Society of Arts and Letters Central Illinois Chapter

Bruno and Wanda Nettl

Terrance O’Connor

David and Elizabeth Olmsted

Heidi Olsen

Greg and Donna Ortman

Carol Palmiotto

George and Mary Perlstein

Pfizer Inc.

Grady and Marilyn Phillips

Mark Rhodes

Bette Rosenstein and John Brix

John and Pamela Rozehnal

Deborah and Stephen Rugg

Dr. Stephen Schmidt and Bonnie Schmidt

Michelle and Robert Shafer

Lisa Simons

Dr. Ralph Trimble and Dr. Carolyn Casady-Trimble

Chad and Tricia Trimble

Vanguard Charitable

Joy Thornton-Walter and John Walter

Beverly Washington

Marsha Weisleder

Glen Whitmer

Todd Wojcik

Ann Wojcik

Elizabeth and Sheldon Wymore

Basia Yakaitis

Jin-Wen Yu

Abigail Zbikowski